Oil Paintings by Joseph Palazzolo

The Scarf Dance
From backstage I have the opportunity to discover images that would otherwise be unattainable. Here are two of a series of ballerinas pirouetting across the stage during the scarf dance from La Bayadere. The stage lighting creates a dreamy atmosphere as the dancers glide through their steps.

I'm sending an image of a painting I recently completed entitled, "Saori". It depicts a young dancer stretching before an early morning ballet class. I was captivated by the backlit figure and the reflections created in the mirror behind the barre. The figure is a beautiful professional ballerina, Saroi Ito, a young lady I met a few years ago who taught ballet at the school in which I was affiliated as a photographer. Today Saori is dancing professionally in Europe. She is an accomplished dancer and a joy to watch on stage. Enjoy!

SoHo, Summer Morning, Artist`s Magazine Competition Finalist
I'm pleased to tell you that SoHo, Summer Morning, has been selected as a finalist...

Hands Creek Beach, East Hampton
A painting from a quiet beach in East Hampton.....

Still Life with Decanter and Fruit

Tapas Bar & All Intense

St. Pauls Churchyard, London & Amsterdam Still Life #2
Two new paintings from a recent trip to Europe......

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